The most common difficulties when starting a diet

Shifting from one food regime to another is always difficult; like every new beginning. But there are some widespread problems people face when starting a new diet. Here we’ll present you some of them and will also give you some useful tips how to solve them.

“Good” old habits

A midnight snackA midnight snack? Or your “sin” might be some milk chocolate mixed with fruits and ice cream? Yes, we do believe you fruits are healthy but probably this is not the healthiest way to eat them. A common difficulty among people on a new diet is to get rid of the old, unhealthy and unpleasant habits. It’s not okay to save a liiiiiiitle bit of that Snickers’ ice cream just in case you want something sweet. It’s not also okay to keep fooling yourself that this tiny chocolate bar at 2 a.m. won’t do any harm. Self-discipline and full dedication to a given food regime is your key to success. We know it’s hard. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t worth the effort.

Off the budget

Off the budgetIf you want your diet to include diverse nutrients, prepare to put your hands deep into your pockets. Of course there are many popular and common products that have affordable prices. But quinoa, lycee, buckwheat flour and many more recipes including these and other products, gained popularity in the last decade. Still, in some countries the prices of these products are relatively high according to the average wages. Eating healthy isn’t necessarily expensive, but the diversity of fruits, vegetables and other nutrients you need to have in your kitchen may cost you more than you’ve expected.


Self-disciplineIf your regime consists of 5 small meals a day than you must take exactly “5 small meals a day”. Not 6, not 4, but exactly 5. There is reason why nutritionists make an individual diet according to your health and lifestyle. Do your best to follow the recommendations and stay away from the “forbidden things”. You’re the one who’s trying to make a change in his life and this change must start with your attitude. If you’re sneaking small bars of chocolate and midnight snacks, then you’re only fooling yourself and losing precious time in effortless goal.

Put your needs in first place, not your preferences

Put your needs in first placeWe often forget that it’s not important what we like, but what our body really needs. Nobody’s going to force you to eat some horrible things. But if your diet includes boiled, unflavored rice, then rice it is. We can’t monitor what’s happening in our body 24/7, that’s why we need to trust the food regime that the expert made for us. Most of our health issues are due to inadequate nutrition; the slim figure is of course a benefit and at the same time helps reduce the pressure in our joints. Remember that no matter how hard it could be, the valuable result requires time and patience, but eventually there will be a noticeable result.

We remind you again that if you’re playing tricks, you’re only fooling yourself. Self-discipline, efforts and a lot of faith are required to fulfill your goals, but within time you can be sure that every small, single battle was important.

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The Pregnancy Diet- What To Eat When You Are Eating For Two

Congratulations on being pregnant! Feeling happy, anxious, terrified and hopeful at the same time? Welcome to the world of motherhood and all its worries. The myriad of feelings is not your overactive brain but the sudden surge of hormones your body is going through at the moment. This will continue well till the time you deliver your baby and start breast feeding. However the one question which causes all mothers to get anxious is how much should they eat?

Eating for two doesn’t mean you gorge on stuff which will make you obese. Eating foods which are rich in vitamins and good fats and a mere increase of 300 calories per day in your diet is enough for baby and mother to grow happy and healthy. Incorporate the following stuff in your diet and make sure to keep active unless advised by the doctor. You will simply breeze through your pregnancy and what’s more enjoy every moment of this sweet anticipation!

Guidelines For Pregnant Women

Guidelines For Pregnant WomenThe following are a few guidelines to eating healthy during gestation.

Up Your Fiber Intake

Many women complain about feeling bloated or constipated while being pregnant. Eating foods which are rich in fiber like plenty of fruits and vegetables along with whole wheat bread, pasta and rice is a surefire way to help keep these problems at bay. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They contain a variety of nutrients which is essential for the growing baby.

Fill Your Diet With Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium Rich FoodsDoctors recommend at least 4 servings of dairy rich foods for the expecting mother. Milk products are a good source of vitamin D and calcium. Both are needed in huge quantities by the baby growing in your tummy. Women who scrimp on their calcium intake are often at a higher risk of osteoporosis in their middle age. So be smart and drink up your glasses of milk just like grandma advised all those years ago. Those mothers with milk allergy might benefit from other sources like soy milk or simply taking a calcium supplement prescribed by their GP.



Get Rid Of The Booze and Cigarettes

Get Rid Of The Booze and CigarettesYou might be a party animal but you have got to curb your ways when it comes to being pregnant. You can have the time of your life but be sure to limit the intake of alcohol and stop smoking too. Studies have shown a direct link in mental retardation in the child of women who are alcoholic. According to Jacques Moritz, MD, director of gynecology at St. Luke’s –Roosevelt hospital in New York there are no studies to show how much amount of alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy. It is therefore advisable to completely let go of the booze while you are pregnant.



Avoid Being Fishy

Avoid Being FishyThat’s right girls, if you love sea food like mackerel and sword fish you would benefit from avoiding it till the time your little one pops out. The main reason is that these fish have an alarming amount of mercury which can harm the health of both mother and child.

Consider these simple guidelines for a pregnancy which is without trouble. Though its normal to face a few aches and pains and of course nausea and vomiting. But all this can be handled by following a healthier lifestyle and keeping active!



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The Numerous Health Benefits of Running

The Numerous Health Benefits of RunningAmong various forms of exercise, running is considered to be the most convenient especially since you can just have a pair of running shoes, your music playlist and you are good to go. But apart from stretching your muscles and joints through running, there are a lot of health benefits that you can get from this exercise.

In a recent study that was conducted by researchers from the Frederiskberg Hospital in Denmark, running or jogging for about 1 to 2.4 hours per week can signficantly reduce the mortality rate. The study made use of 5,000 healthy adults to observe their frequency of jogging, jogging hours and their pace. Apart from this study, there have been various research studies conducted establishing the health benefits of running which include the following:

Running Strengthens Your Bones and Joints

When you run, you can strengthen your knees as they are the main parts of the body that you use for this physical activity. It also increase bone mass and reduce your risk of bone loss. There are studies that show that running can make your knees stronger. This is backed by a research conducted by Boston University. The researchers from the study disprove the belief of most people that running is damaging for the knee health.

Running can make you happier.

Exercising your muscles and joints through running can help you get rid of stress. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which are known to be the happy brain cells that make you feel better. Based on a 2006 research study that was published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Science, 30 minutes of treadmill exercise can instantly lighten the mood of a person suffering from a major depression. By spending time to run, you can protect yourself against depression and anxiety. To boost your mood and sleep quality, you can allot 30 minutes of running every week.

Running can prevent cancer.

Running in itself cannot cure cancer but there are studies that would prove that it can actually prevent cancer. In various journal reviews and studies from the Journal of Nutrition, regular exercise can reduce the risk of cancer. For people who have cancer, running can improve the quality of their life.

Running is good for the mental health.

For sure, you have seen a lot of older people who can still run as fast and strong as young runners. Running is actually good and effective to improve and boost your brain’s health. In a study that was published in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, there’s robust evidence to show that regular exercise such as running can improve the memory and increase the over-all mental health. A person who is active in running can improve concentration and attention.

Run for a Healthier You

What is nice about running is that you do not have to incur costs just to get these essential health benefits. You can just set your time and the place where you can run around. If you can find a running partner then the better as it makes the exercise fun.

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The New Notebook

The New NotebookThe word is out. There’s a shiny new toy in the workforce, and it’s the notebook computer. It’s cute! It’s portable! Even employers love them! A study of 300 notebook computer users found that most see the notebook computer as a standard working tool. The problem, they found, was that the same employers who were urging their workers to use these computers were not giving these workers proper conditions for using them.

The users often had unadjustable surface and unadjustable chairs, which meant their elbows could end up at awkward angles capable of causing nerve damage. Not good. Even further on the not good scale is that the employers did not give their employees full size keyboards and other attachements that can make a notebook computer more usable and ergonomic.

Without these advantages, notebook computers are putting their users at high risk on injury. The keyboards are small so workers wrists are close together. The workers do not have the space they need for the amount of typing they’re doing on these computers.


The New Notebook - ergonomicsBut maybe this isn’t surprising. Another study interviewed workers to find out how much they knew about ergonomics. Most were vaguely aware of it’s importance, but they didn’t really understand what went into ergonomics. They didn’t understand the importance of arm rests and the danger of screen glare.

52% interviewed were aware of ergonomics, which means that 48% were not! That’s a high percentage for something as important as the ability to keep oneself from suffering painful injuries.

This lack of knowledge could be one of the contributing factors to the misuse of notebook computers. Employees don’t even know that they should type on full keyboard with proper arm separation and shoulder posture. If they don’t know these things exist, how can they practice them and demand them of their employers?

It’s clear that more education is needed. The rampant use of computers and notebook computers in particular without understanding the healty implications of incorrect use is dangerous to workers. Workers need to be told about correct posture and what tools they need to create a correct ergonomic environment that is friendly towards working on computers for long periods of time. Once this system for educating workers is in place, many problems should be solved simply by people being more aware of them and fighting for them on their own.

Clearly we no longer live in a world where we can ignore or do away with notebook computers, or computers in general, so we must develop ways to live with our own technology. It’s important to keep in mind that the problems that can happen are not merely a little bit of pain, but pinched nerves and life long problems. This should be a concern for everyone trapped in an un-ergonomical workspace.

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The Myth of Female Weightlifting

The Myth of Female WeightliftingMany in the weightlifting industry have this unwarranted notion that if females lift either heavy weights, or lift too often, they will develop large bulky muscles. This notion discourages many women from lifting weights, due to the fear that they will become large and bulky. This idea is simply not true.

Women on average produce up to ten times less testosterone as men. Testosterone is a steroid hormone that generates the growth and repair of muscle tissue, as well as other things, and it is what causes males to be able to grow large muscles. Since women have such lower levels of testosterone in their bodies, it is extremely difficult to naturally add noticeable muscle mass to a female’s body.

Coupled with this is the different composition of muscle fibers between males and females. Male’s muscle fibers grow in a cross stitch pattern, where female’s muscle fibers grow in straight lines running parallel to each other. With cross stitch muscle fibers, males can engage more muscle fibers in each movement, maximizing the muscle’s growth potential. Females, however, cannot engage as many muscle fibers in any given movement, forcing them to work harder and longer to fatigue and work their muscles as much as a male’s.

Female bodies break down muscle tissue much faster than males as well. Meaning that as a person takes time off from the gym, a male’s body will shed the unnecessary muscle mass at a much slower rate than a female’s. This has to do with the difference in hormones in a female’s body compared to a male’s body.

Lastly, it takes a long time to gain any noticeable muscle mass on the body. Working out three times a week, even while lifting heavy weights, will only add a small degree of muscle to the body. It takes years of hard work and dedication to add muscle mass to the body, that’s only if a person lifts weights four to five times a week along with having a solid diet and getting enough sleep. Adding any muscle mass is hard and requires hard work, so the idea that lifting weights one time will make someone the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t really true.

What lifting weights can do for females however is tone muscle better than cardio ever could. Also, lifting weights will develop more muscle in the lower body, creating a more curvy figure, rather than a lanky or super thin figure someone would get from only doing cardio. In regards to upper body lifting, females need not worry about gaining large amounts of muscle here either because lifting weights, even heavy weights, will not produce large bulky muscles, but toned muscles. Again, it takes years of heavy lifting along with a very high protein diet to develop solid muscle mass for a male, much more a female. For women who want to build fast tome muscles however, you may find yourself asking “what are amino acids?.

Lifting heavy weights for females also promotes bone health, causing them to harden and strengthen due to the stress of the weight. This bone strength comes in handy after age 35, because the body stops making new bone. It is important to maintain healthy muscles and bones throughout a person’s life, simply because as time goes on the body brakes down muscle and bone tissue. Lifting heavy weights for women dramatically increase bone strength and muscle tone and longevity.

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The Myth of Vaginal Orgasm

The Myth of Vaginal OrgasmSex and its mysteries will keep on baffling us I don’t know for how long. But now we all know that sex, or rather healthy, sex can be a very positive force towards healthy living. But there are questions and doubts on several aspects of sexuality and sexual intercourse.

One of such questions is the million dollar question of female orgasm. There are various reports that keeps on coming in the media portraying the scarcity or fewer possibility of female orgasm. Or on how hard it is to have an orgasm for women. There are stats showing how many women never ever had orgasm in their lifetime. Keeping in this line a recent narrative study published in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Anatomy asserts that vaginal orgasm is a myth!

Don’t panic. Wait till you here the full story. Instead of vaginal orgasm the research claims that the orgasms that occurs in women should be called female orgasm scientifically. Now, you may probably wonder on how that makes sense.

Besides they suggests that although vaginal orgasm doesn’t exist there are ways to have a female orgasm. In this respect this study not only busts many vaginal myths but also guides our women toward having healthier and more pleasurable sexual life.

The study was carried out by researchers from the Italian Centre of Sexology and the University of Florence. Actually through busting some of the myths of female sexuality and sexual dysfunction like being unable to have orgasms the study goes on saying that the vaginal orgasm doesn’t exist. But female orgasms do.

The points behind this claims the study lays down are that after analyzing the available literature on the subject it is clearly visible that there is no scientific basis for the existence of the G-spot and there is no anatomical basis for a “clitoral-urethro-vaginal complex” which supported the idea of G-spots. On the contrary the female erectile tissue responsible for orgasms is composed of the clitoris and its vestibular bulbs, the pars intermedia, labia minora and corpus spongiosum (of the female urethra). This, say the authors, corresponds to the penis in men and can be called the “female penis”. Only through creating stimulations here that women can have orgasm. Hence the scientific term female orgasm instead of vaginal orgasm.

The vagina has no anatomical relationship with the clitoris therefor women can never have orgasm while just having penetrative sex. But can very well have orgasm if the female penis is stimulated while the penetration or otherwise through oral sex or masturbation. So, male partners should not worry about their partner’s orgasm any more as even if they happen to have their orgasm before their partners do, as it usually is the case, even then they can go on playing with their partners and help them have perfect orgasms.

Though the study we are talking about was a narrative review and therefore, were less authentic and strong as other systematic reviews. However, it surely sheds light to a pivotal aspect of female sexuality. It can be assumed that their findings will definitely help us to have more knowledgeable and pleasurable sexual encounters from now on.

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